Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing of mind, body and spirit. A gentle “laying of the hands” is used during the session to help promote overall health and wellness. It can be used to help various physical, emotion or even spiritual issues. This safe and natural alternative healing session will leave you feeling relaxed, restored and balanced.


Conscious Connected Breathwork

Integrative Breathing has numerous benefits and can help you move through deep layers in a very short amount of time. Each session is a unique journey in which breathing patterns are used to promote healing and wellness. The Conscious Connected Breathing increases detoxification, improves overall health, reduces stress and can even help us access higher states of consciousness. These releasing and restorative sessions can widely range in intensity but are extremely healing and transformational.


Guided Meditation

For those looking for a personalized guided meditation this session allows intuition to be the guide. Guided meditation allows the client to deeply relax as they focus on the practitioner’s voice to wherever the Universe flows. As there are many different types of meditation, the client and practitioner will co-create an individual session that is perfect for the client’s experience and comfort level.


Corporate and Teams

Coming soon.


Don’t Just Take My Word for It

  • “I was convinced that I would never be able to meditate. I had tried many times before but thanks to Jen I have been meditating every single day since I took her class. It is changing my life. Thank you!”
  • “I did my first ever reiki session with Jen and was blown away. She was able to tap in completely and showed me things about myself that I had forgotten. I left feeling light and relaxed, and highly recommend working with Jen, she's incredible.”
  • “Very informative, relaxing and comfortable. Jenn shares with you the science, the tools and the knowledge to assist you with your meditative journey. I highly recommend this class.”
  • “I'm suggesting this workshop to everyone I know. There's so much stress in our lives. This is very impactful.”